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Photography from above in London

Taking photos from unique angles and heights can really show perspective and a complete coverage. Look at this photo of Regent Street, London. This was taken from the top floor of the Burberry store, which shows a full overview of the famous street from an angle most don't really see.

The others PR/Marketing images were taking from a cherry picker machine, high above the A40 in London. Taking these types of photo is not for everyone since being some 50 metres in above the ground strapped to a machine is a challenge, but we really wanted to showcase Vanguards Hawker Hunter military fighter jet in all its glory. The use of drones are not allowed in this area of London, but using a cherry picker really worked out well and we love a challenge and ultimately wanted to get that shot.

If you are looking for a photographer/images to showcase your product/building etc. Please contact us via email or telephone for further information.

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